What Your Mother Really Wants for Mother's Day

on 05/14/2017 9:56 AM

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She was there when you soared and there when you failed, moms are often the biggest cheerleader for their children.  But, there comes a time when as children we become mom's advocate. The one who gently pushes her to go to the doctor for care, to eat more, or make it through a few weeks of therapy after an injury or surgery.

Each Mother's Day, children of all ages honor the contributions and love that their mother has shown them.  When a child is small it's colored drawings, a bouquet of dandelions picked from the yard, or - for those adventurous souls - a trip to a pottery class to make a bowl. As we age and our mother does too, we look to demonstrate our love to our mother in other ways.

When asked, many mothers will say all they want is time with their children on Mother's Day. Time is a precious, limited gift. Jewelry, flowers, and chocolates are all nice, but nothing can replace the time spent with an aging parent.

Often we really don't know our parent. Sure, we know them in general, but we don't know them as children and the young adults they were. Sometimes we don't even know who they have become as older - and perhaps more fragile - senior adult. This Mother's Day listen, love, and spend time with your mother or mother-figure who has loved you for a lifetime.  Have conversations that are all about her. After all, it's her day, right?

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