T-Shirt Throwing Contest

on 08/01/2016 10:05 AM

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At Parkview Nursing & Rehabilitation, we love to hear suggestions from our residents about activities they enjoy. Recently, Parkview resident Mr. James Childs suggested that we have a Wet T- Shirt Throwing Contest on the patio to cool off from the hot summer days. 

All of the residents had a blast seeing how far they could throw the wet towel. Staff brought in old t-shirts that we soaked in water buckets. Residents lined up four people at a time to participate in the contest to see who could throw the t-shirt the farthest. The winner received a prize that they could use to choose special snacks off our snack cart. The Parkview residents had a blast competing as some of the center team members came out to cheer the residents on during this fun-filled event. All of the residents loved it so much and recommended that we do more outdoor events like this. We look forward to our water balloon toss coming soon!

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